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Every year people immigrate to the United States to pursue employment related opportunities and to start a new life with new opportunities. Some people come here as temporary employees for a fixed period of time, while other relocate permanently to pursue a career. The United States makes available about 140,000 employment-based immigrant visas of different types each year. Anyone considering pursuing an employment-based immigrant visa should contact an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible to schedule a consultation. Attorney Shannon Englert is a San Diego attorney who practices exclusively in the area of immigration law and is committed to helping people resolve their immigration issues as quickly and favorably as possible.

Employment-Based Immigration can be Very Complicated

Individuals who want to come to work in the United States must first receive authorization to do so. This complex authorization process is governed by federal regulations and statutes, and also an increasing number of laws on the state level, and therefore can be complicated and confusing.

There are various types of visas for a person seeking to work in the United States.

  • Visas for temporary workers. Some of the people who may apply for temporary work visas in the United States include traders, investors, representatives of foreign media, registered nurses, fashion models, agricultural workers, performers, athletes, religious workers, and a wide variety of specialty occupations that require a specific degree and training held by the individual. There is also something called an H-2B Visa that allows workers to come and temporarily work in a job or field in which there are not enough U.S. workers who are qualified and available to perform the work.
  • Visas for permanent workers. There are several classifications of available permanent worker immigrant visas, including visas for persons who have extraordinary abilities in education, business, sciences, arts, or athletics, outstanding professors or researchers, skilled workers, and business investors in new commercial enterprises, just to name a few. There is also a class of “special immigrants” who may obtain permanent visas due to exceptional circumstances.Furthermore, if an employer wants to hire a foreign worker on a permanent basis, it may have to go through a process called labor certification, in which the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services determine whether there are qualified U.S. workers who could fill the position. Often, if there are qualified U.S. workers, the employee will not be allowed a permanent position, and may have to return to his home country after his temporary visa runs out.

    Because of the numerous types of visas and the complex application and authorization process, employment-based immigration can be complicated and frustrating. It is vital to contact an experienced immigration attorney to help with this confusing process.

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