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In an effort to facilitate international trade and commerce, the United States allows nationals of qualifying countries to obtain visas to enter the United States. These visas are generally known as trader or investor visas, and have varying requirements to obtain. In order to qualify for this type of visa, you must be coming to the United States either to engage in substantial trade between the United States and the other country, or develop and direct the operation of an enterprise in which you have invested a substantial amount of capital. There are several kinds of visas that can allow you to enter the United States to engage in trade or investment, and the one that suits you depends largely on your specific circumstances. Anyone who is considering applying for an investor or trader visa should contact an experienced immigration attorney as soon as possible. Immigration attorney Shannon Englert is committed to helping people with immigration law needs, and works hard to ensure that her clients receive a favorable outcome in their case.

Obtaining the Right Visa for You

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible to obtain a visa based on either your trade or investment in the United States. Three of the most common visas that people obtain to engage in trade or investment in the United States are the E1 Treaty Trader Visa, E2 Treaty Investor Visa, or the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa.

  • E1 Treaty Trader – This type of visa in available to nationals of qualifying countries that engage in a “substantial” amount of international trade. In addition, any firm for which you work must be majority owned by nationals of the qualifying county. More than 50 percent of the trade involved must occur between the United States and the other qualifying country, and you must be an essential employee, supervisor, or possess highly specialized skills that are essential to the efficient operation of your firm.
  • E2 Treaty Investor – An E2 visa is available to nationals (individuals or entities) of qualifying countries that make a substantial investment within the United States. Similarly to the requirements of an E1 visa, at least 50 percent of any business applying for an E2 visa must be owned by persons of the other country’s nationality, and the investment must be “substantial.” The investment also must be in an actually operating business; mere speculation or paper organization does not qualify.
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor – EB-5 visas provide a way for foreign nationals to obtain a green card by investing money within the United States. In order to qualify, a person must invest between $500,000 and $1,000,000 in the United States, depending on the circumstances. In addition, the person applying for the visa must create or preserve at least 10 full time jobs.

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Investment or trade visas can be very complicated to obtain, and anyone considering doing so should consult with an experienced immigration law attorney as soon as possible. Attorney Shannon Englert is dedicated to helping people obtain the correct visa for their situation in the most efficient way possible. In order to schedule a consultation with Ms. Englert, call our office today at (858) 480-1077. If you would prefer to reach us via email, please fill out our contact form available to the right and a member of our staff will be in touch with you soon.